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Foundry Products

We manufacture Sleeves, Ziron base, Magnisite base & Graphite base paint in both water & alcohol base, Stag Cogagultors. Core joint gur & paste.


Exothermic / Insulating sleeves for efficient feeding of iron & steel castings.

RISEREX / RISERIN sleeves are suggested to use as risers of iron and steel castings to help in directional solidification and in turn to achieve higher casting yields.


RISEREX BLIND sleeves are to be used as it is.

RESEREX / RISERIN OPEN sleeves should be used along with COVEREX
antipiping compound to avoid radiation losses from the top surface.

Sleeves (with polythene cover) packed in Card Board Boxes
Stores in dry cool place.

Range of Refractory Dressings used in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundries

A water based thixotropic, ready to use Zircon wash, excellent in application on moulds or core made by sand binder system like, oil sand, cement sand and resin bonded sand. It gives excellent surface finish with no Steel and heavy section iron casting.

A thinner based magnesite dressing in powder or ready to use form, specifically used for manganese steel castings. It is applied by brush or spray on sand moulds or cores made by sand binder system like green sand, silicate sand, dry sand and cement sand moulding method.

A thinner based graphite wash available both in powder or ready to use form, easier to remix after long storage, very suitable for iron, heavy section iron castings, copper based alloys and aluminium based by brush or spray on moulds and cores made by green sand, silicate sand, oil sand, dry sand and cement sand moulding methods.

A thinner based Zircon Wash in ready to use form. It is excellent in application by brush, dip, flow and spray method on moulds and cores made by green sand or silicate sand, iron sand, dry sand, cement sand moulding method. It gives excellent surface finish for steel and heavy section iron castings.

Our Vision

To be preferred partner for the customer providing the greatest value.
To be highly respected industry leader with which all feel proud to be associated with.
We are in manufacturing and selling business of:
  • Chemicals and refractories for Integrated and Mini Steel Plants
  • Chemicals for Ferrous Foundries

Why Metaflux?

The Metaflux was founded in 1982. For the last twenty seven years it has been a saga of growth, expansion and achievement for us....