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For the Metal Industy. Now and Tomorrow...

Our Team


Mr. A. D. Mukherji: B.E., LIIM
Mr. T. D. Mukherjee: M.Com, DBM
Mr. R. K. Shrivastava: B.E.(Met.)
Mr. T. K. Saha: B.E., LIIM
Mr. U. K. Chowdhury: B.Sc., AIC

Vice President

Mr. Anirup Mukherji, B.E, MBA

The Directors & VP all of whom are whole- time, are ably assisted by highly competent Technical, Commercial and R&D personnel and well supported by a large team of marketing personnel and service engineers posted at different locations to assist and work in total coordination.

Our Vision

To be preferred partner for the customer providing the greatest value.
To be highly respected industry leader with which all feel proud to be associated with.
We are in manufacturing and selling business of:
  • Chemicals and refractories for Integrated and Mini Steel Plants
  • Chemicals for Ferrous Foundries

Why Metaflux?

The Metaflux was founded in 1982. For the last twenty seven years it has been a saga of growth, expansion and achievement for us....