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Tundish Boards(Isolin Boards)

Isolin Boards

Product variety & Benefits

  • Available in acidic,basic or duplex variety depending upon the need of individual steel maker.
  • Silica ISOLIN board may be used for Mild steel and Magnesite/Duplex ISOLIN Boards may be used for Stainless Steel manufacturing.
  • No preheating of tundish board is required except 15-20mins nozzle warming with a small burner.

Advantages Of Using Isolin Boards

  • REDUCED REFRACTORY CONSUMPTION-Minimises the need to patch and repair of tundish boards refractory lining thus ISOLIN system reduce refractory consumption.
  • LESS TUNDISH INVENTORY-Reduction of tundish turn around time with ISOLIN system results in reduction of number of tundishes.
  • CONSISTENT METAL TEMPERATURE-Insulating properties of the ISOLIN system results in consistent temperature of the liquid steel.
  • EASY DUMPING-After casting a disposable soft residue left by ISOLIN boards helps in easy dumping on turnover station. Hence use of oxygen lance or pneumatic hammers is eliminated.
  • HIGH YIELDS-ISOLIN system minimizes skull formation thus improves the yield of cast steel.
  • BETTER ENVIROMENT-Lower tundish shell temperatures help to have cooler surrounding for the operation.

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